CureIt components


CurcuPrim containts CureIt, the only curcumin extract with the full turmeric matrix

It is also the only curcumin formulation that makes use of bio-polymers of turmeric. The presence of lipids (fats) in CureIt proves the incrased bioavailability of curcumin. The proteins present in CureIt can interact with curcumin, which leads to a complex formation enhancing the bioavailability and beneficiary properties.

The turmeric matrix inside CureIt boasts high curcumin content (50%), unlike standard curcumin (4-5%), and is responsible for a significant increase in bioavailability of curcuminoids, therefore provides superior pharmacological benefits.

Curcumin has healing abilities. In order for the therapeutic properties of curcumin to be maximally utilized, it is necessary to involve the complete spectrum of all substances contained in turmeric. CureIt provides this synergy.

CureIt is 100% natural substance. Its processing is considerably more gentle than conventional extracts, only water and ethanol are used during the extraction process.

CureIt is processed by special patented techniques. Thanks to this unique formulation, curcumin gains the highest possible index of bioavailability.


Curcumin limits

Dietary curcumin is known to exhibit poor bioavailability (i.e. low levels in plasma and tissues). Potential factors that limit the bioavailability of curcumin include its insolubility in water, poor absorption, rapid metabolism and systemic elimination.  As it is a compound with strong medicinal interest, numerous approaches to increasing curcumin bioavailability have been explored by scientists all over the world.

CurcuPrim offers a solution

The new natural preparation CurcuPrim provides a very effective form of absorption of curcumin into the human organism and, by its excellent effect, helps to promote human health.

CurcuPrim product offers CureIt, an innovative formulation developed by scientists which recreates the complete turmeric matrix. As the unique curcumin formulation is more available more in blood and in tissues, the functional efficiency is higher.

CureIt contains a complete turmeric matrix , resulting in increased use and absorption of curcumin into the body. Since this unique formulation of curcumin is contained in the blood and tissues in greater quantities than in conventional curcumin-based products, CureIt efficiency is much higher than that of standard curcumin products.

CureIt = full of turmeric matrix

Cureit represents a novel ‘curcumin inside the natural turmeric matrix’ formulation containing curcuminoids along with turmeric proteins, fiber, minerals, carbohydrates and essential oil of turmeric, thus making use of all these substances (bio-polymers) of turmeric.

All the importand natural substances (biopolymers) contained in turmeric are used, which significantly increases the effect of curcumin itself. The bioavailability of curcuminoids is increased tenfold and the product thus obtains excellent therapeutic effects.

Cureit is completely natural

All these substances – constituents of turmeric matrix (with additional benefits) are accompanied with by up to 50% of curcumin. The percentage might sound low, but the special CureIt full turmeric matrix assures the highest bioavailability on the market.

Moreover, it keeps the active ingredients in your blood for at least 8 times longer than any other product containing curcumin.

The complex of natural substances contained in the Cureit component contributes to the best possible bioactivity of the product and its excellent therapeutic properties.

Cureit composition

Cureit 1 Capsule 2 Capsules
250 mg 500 mg
Curcuminoids 120,0 mg 240,0 mg
    Curcumin 81,0% 81,0%
    De methoxy curcumin 14,5% 14,5%
    Bis de methoxy curcumin 3,0% 3,0%
Essential oils  12,5 mg  25,0 mg
Proteins  10,0 mg  20,0 mg
Dietary fibre  30,0 mg  60,0 mg
Carbohydrates  75,0 mg  150,0 mg
Minerals  2,5 mg   5 mg